Our Web Team

After searching far and wide, we found our web design team.  We have used Lightspeed for our point of sale and inventory program for over 3 years now, and have worked on the back end (loading products and pictures, etc.) for the better half of that time.  Lightspeed has an integrated web store feature that unites the brick and mortar store to the web store, but the problem is that they only give you a shell of a template with which to work.

What we needed was someone to breathe life into our web store – this is where Argoworks came in.  I called and spoke to Brett of Argoworks (after many phone calls with other web developers), and the potential of his team became self-evident after a short conversation and viewing some of their projects.  I was impressed to say the least, and set up an “artistic” meeting to go over our vision.  Since we were both based in Southern California, we were able to meet in person over lunch at Native Foods in Costa Mesa.  After meeting Brett and going over ideas, I knew Argoworks was the team for Ecotopiia.

We have been very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with everyone at Argoworks, and would highly recommend them to anyone needing a professional website.  Their care, dedication to detail, and timely follow-through have truly transformed ecotopiia.com/dev from dream to reality.