New Year, New Possibilities, New Choices.

Every year is a new year but this new year is a really new year.  There is a major shift going on and if you are reading this then I know you can feel it.  Part of the shift thats happening has to do with our food.  Our birth right should be to have access to clean water and pure organic food.  Unfortunately, not everyone agrees.  But stressing about it is bad for our mood so lets not, lets just do something about it and make sure that we are in a position to weather any storm.

The best source of protection that we can arm ourselves with that no one can ever take away is knowledge.  We have a ton of books to get your mind right.  Since the GMO issue is so major right now, it seems like the perfect time to learn how to plant an edible garden if you aren’t already doing so.  If gardening isn’t something you are familiar with, no worries, we have books to help guide you.

Let’s make an agreement that we will have no excuses this year while on pace to achieve our goals okay?  With that out of the way, even if you have a small space to garden you can still get it done.  In Garden Anywhere you can learn how to garden in the smallest areas, even a window seal.

“Garden Anywhere outlines everything an aspiring gardener needs to know to sow a bounteous, thriving garden. Alys Fowler, trained at the New York Botanical Garden, guides readers through the process from the ground up—from planning the garden to composting, pruning, harvesting, and propagating. Stylish photos illustrate the how-tos while Alys shares tips on creating gorgeous container gardens, herb gardens, kitchen gardens and more, without spending a fortune.”

Now that we have fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs growing, what do we do with them?  We have lots of choices of cookbooks to help you make amazing food from gluten free to vegan, desserts, or RAW food.

RAW offers ultimate pure flavor, thousands of textures, and beautiful effects on body, mind, soul and the environment! This isn’t 100 variations of salad, but an ultra-gourmet cuisine, which fuses ancient culinary techniques with a modern and practical lifestyle.”

Enhance the beauty of your food by serving it in beautiful eco-friendly kitchen ware.  This beautiful Bambu Coiled Salad Bowl is begging to cuddle with your leaves.

What we put IN our bodies is just as important as what we put ON our bodies.  Use care when choosing your body care products.

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer.  Better to use this then to be in line for the flu shot.

Since some say we are nearing our last days, we better have a calendar to keep track of time but not just any calendar but a really cool one.  This one keeps track of the moon phases which is excellent for knowing so that we can use the power of the moon to manifest our deepest desires.

Regardless of what “they” say about this year, do all that you can to make it the best year ever starting with today!  Happy New Year!