Ecotopiia was founded in 2008 to revolutionize the possibilities of the products we purchase, for the people and the planet, with the ultimate goal of saving the planet by providing “Goods for the Greater Good.”

Co-founders Josiah Sharmahd and Emily Matson began their journey as Glass Artists, traveling the country selling their wares, exploring many independent shops, galleries and craft fairs. Along the way, they met other artists and entrepreneurs with revolutionary mindsets that reflected their own values and core beliefs.

Soon a vision began to take form: A magical place where the products are full of life, blossoming minds are constantly unfolding and health is paramount. This dream manifested as Ecotopiia, a retail shop in the picturesque beach town of Encinitas, California. Utilizing their roots in artisan family business, and a belief that every detail matters, Josiah and Emily have built the alternative to the mainstream shopping experience, a place full exceptional products you can feel good about buying. Ecotopiia is your source for Goods for the Greater Good!



543 S. Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas, Ca 92024
t. 760.753.7420
f. 760.753.6399

Monday-Saturday 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday 11:00AM – 6:00 PM